Founded by Courtney Black

Le Skin was founded by Courtney Black, an accomplished fitness coach and influencer from London who has built an incredible online community by helping people become the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

Courtney has always been passionate about skincare. Having suffered from acne and problematic skin her entire life, she has tried every product, treatment and even prescription medication. It is from these experiences Courtney understands how self-conscious and anxious, problematic skin can make one feel and how the right skincare can improve not just one’s skin but more importantly, one’s self-esteem.

With this knowledge and passion, Courtney’s vision came to life and from there she launched her very own skincare line, Le Skin. Her philosophy is simple: a product range that people can trust with highly effective formulations and a simple skincare routine. Courtney believes that not enough people are educated about skincare, and it is her goal to ensure that Le Skin closes that gap and supports one's skin journey, no matter the stage.


Our Story

Le Skin’s story starts with Courtney and a simple vision: to help you feel confident in your own skin. Yes, we’re a skincare brand, but we’re so much more. We set out to create a brand that offers simple and effective products designed to support your skin no matter what stage it’s in.

Le Skin is uncomplicated skincare. Effective everyday skin essentials that are science-backed, dermatologically tested and suitable for everyone.

We won’t promise miracles in a jar, we won’t claim perfection because real skin is anything but perfection. What we can promise is offering a product range made to support your skin journey, whatever stage it’s in. Realistic skincare goals first and always.

Our Philosophy

Le Skin believes in the reality of real skin, it’s in our DNA. We also believe all skin is beautiful. Yes, ALL. But we also understand that it can be hard to accept our pores, dark spots, impurities and all. This is why it is our mission to help you achieve realistic skincare goals, to steadily improve your skin’s integrity and to support you on your journey to being Comfortable in Your Skin.

“Let’s build a beautiful base together so that you end up loving the skin you’re in.”

- Courtney

Our Ethos

Clinically active. Backed by Science.

Le Skin prides itself on using highly concentrated ingredients that are clinically active. Formulated by industry experts, backed by science, our products are supercharged so you can get the most out of your skincare. We’re all about simplification, and that’s why we offer a skincare line of essential products formulated for pure efficacy. We also believe in order to understand skin, we need to use skin, so all Le Skin products are dermatologically tested.

Le Skin’s Clean Standard.

There’s no official ‘clean’ definition, definitely not by regulation. But, there’s definitely a ‘clean’ consensus in the skincare world and we’re here for it. Le Skin is committed to fulfilling ‘clean’ expectations based on this general consensus. Our clean standard means you’ll never see ingredients we deem potentially irritative or unsafe, so here’s our list of no nos:

PEG, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil

Glow for everyone.

Le Skin is for everyone and every skin. We celebrate our community and all those on their journey to glow, it's as simple as that. Core to us, is collectively standing for equality, diversity and inclusion. Our brand, our products and our mission is to empower everyone’s own skin journey through trust and transparency, welcoming all to the Le Skin fam.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

At Le Skin, we are proud to say that our products are vegan and cruelty-free. We love our four-legged friends and can assure our products are never tested on animals. Something we pride ourselves on is that all our skincare is vegan – none of our products will ever contain substances of animal origin. We are committed to this promise.

Our Promise

Highly effective formulations created by industry experts, backed by science.


Highly concentrated




Suitable for all
skin types

Free Form

Free from PEG, silicones,
mineral oil, palm oil


100% vegan &

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